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What is QDRO-CALC?

     A windows-based software package for calculation of QDRO divisions (i.e. QDRO distributions) of retirement savings and pension accounts that is easy to use and understand.  You answer a few questions, input data from your account forms, and QDRO-CALC will calculate how the account will be divided between the owner and former spouse.  QDRO-CALC lets you calculate the correct current value of the marital portion that should be split between the account owner and former spouse.  View our online tutorials to understand  how the QDRO-CALC program determines the division of assets and to see the exact flow of the program.


    During most divorce settlements, the legal system treats marriages as a business partnership, and dissolution of a marriage requires equitably dissolving that business partnership.  This usually means that any assets accumulated during the period of the marriage are normally equally shared between the two parties.  The courts know that figuring this division can be difficult so they have instituted the QDRO process to try to make it easier to divide up the retirement plan assets.  If you are presently facing a QDRO situation with a 401, an IRA, or a pension, you will be faced with figuring out how much the funds that were put into that account during the marriage are worth now.  Figuring the value of the accounts can often be a complicated issue as sometimes the account has funds in it from before the marriage, and often there will be contributions added to the account after the complaint date.  Unfortunately, arguments about the values of the accounts  sometimes delays the final solution.  QDRO-CALC was designed to provide a solution for the parties involved in a QDRO of retirement accounts by allowing an easy calculation of the current value each party should receive.  All that is required is to answer some simple questions and input data from the account forms. 

    A QDRO agreement can remove arguments about fair splitting of assets at the time of the settlement agreement and in doing that it removes huge barriers to getting a settlement done.  However, for the final divorce to be over, the parties must still agree to the details of splitting the retirement plan assets.  QDRO-CALC can help facilitate this process.

Why QDRO-CALC will help you

    How do the two parties obtain the the value of the marital portion of the retirement accounts?  There are professionals who do this as a paid service.  These QDRO calculation companies normally charge around $400-$500 for each account and then extra if the values need to be updated.  Alternatively, one can hire an accountant to do this and it will also be very expensive as they often need a retainer just to get started and they charge several hundred dollars an hour.  You can work with your lawyer to try to do this, but most family lawyers, although excellent at matrimonial law and crucial to this process, are not accountants and do not feel comfortable figuring this out.  They also earn hundreds of dollars an hour and this can become a very expensive endeavor if they try to figure the QDRO details.  With QDRO-CALC you will have several advantages.  First you can do the calculation by inputting all the data yourself from the forms you receive from the firm that holds the account.  This will help everyone understand early in the process what the QDRO amounts will be.  This knowledge may help everyone plan and settle sooner.

     Furthermore, if you still hire one of the QDRO calculation companies at the end of your process so that both parties have a “fair arbiter”, you will have some way of understanding what they have done and checking their numbers.  There is nothing worse than having one of the largest accounts that you will ever have being split in a way that you do not understand.  Furthermore, sometimes the parties would prefer to settle on a cash payout that would take the place of a QDRO-division.  It can then become problematic to figure out what the marital value of the accounts is at any moment.  If you can readily figure that out, you can try to settle for a cash payout if you wish and not just guess what that value would be, but know exactly what the correct basis of your proposed settlement is.  Note that QDRO-CALC allows you to calculate the QDRO division, but it does not draft the QDRO agreement.  Your lawyer will usually do that; there are online resources as well.

     Remember that if there are any contributions by the account  owner before the marriage date, simply taking half the difference in account value between the marriage and complaint dates as the value that each party receives, can result in thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in loss to you.  Similarly if there are contributions to the account between the complaint date and the current date, you can also also lose thousands of dollars by simply taking half the difference in account value between the marriage and the current date.

     QDRO-CALC comes with an unexpiring single-pc license, so it can be used to calculate multiple retirement accounts. There is an automatic feature that allows for easy downloads of any updates.  It calculates division of retirement accounts (401 or IRA), and has a separate module to calculate pension plan divisions.

QDRO-CALC will allow you to understand and calculate QDRO distributions easily and accurately.

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  • Windows-based graphical interface
  • Easily enter data and create reports
  • Data saved for future review
  • Reports explain how values are calculated
  • Easily print reports as secure PDF files
  • Very cost effective

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